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Polish C3 Respirator.

Polish military issue gas mask in grey/green rubber, featuring elasticated head straps for comfort, and a frontal centre-mounted 40mm filter. Includes cotton sidepack style case.

Price:  £10.95 

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Czech M.10 Respirator.

Military issue, grey/green rubber gas mask with elasticated head straps for a comfortable fit, and a speaking filter mounted on the front. Very similar to the U.S. gas mask used in the first Gulf War, with internal dual filters mounted in the cheeks - an unusual arrangement that gives a more streamlined appearance, and that is less likely to snag on other equipment etc. Includes sidepack style case.

Price:  £19.95 

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Russian Civil Defense Respirator.

Rubber gas mask with one-piece head protection, simply stretching over and securely enclosing the whole head. With detachable 40mm filter. Genuine Russian Civil Defense issue differing from the standard style only in grey/white rubber instead of black.

Price:  £19.95 

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Canadian Respirator.

Black rubber military gas mask with moulded head protection and elasticated straps to hold respirator in place comfortably. The eyepieces are set relatively flat to afford improved forward vision. Uses a 60mm filter but can also take a 40mm model with the addition of an adapter. Similar in appearance to the British S10 respirator, brand new.

Price:  £22.95 

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Russian Respirator with Hose.

Rubber gas mask with stretch-to-fit styling, with 20" hose connection to 40mm filter. Genuine Russian military issue. Available in grey/white.

Price:  £25.00 

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Polish Respirator With Hose.

White rubber gas mask offering one-piece head protection, very similar to the Russian style above but with speech module, black rubber hose and rubberised nylon carry-case to hold the 40mm filter as shown above. (see large image for picture of filter)

Price:  £25.00 

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Finnish Respirator.

Grey rubber gas mask with side mounted detachable filter, large eyepieces, and adjustable rubber head straps for a comfortable and secure fit. Uses a 60mm filter but can also take a 40mm model with the addition of an adapter.

Price:  £15.95 

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Spare Filter.

Brand new sealed 40mm gas mask filter, universal fitting should fit any European gas mask, including those using a 60mm filter if an adapter is also used.

Price:  £4.95 


Gas Masks From Essex Surplus

We stock a large range of NATO, Russian, Belgian, Finnish and other army surplus gas masks. Our gas masks come in the best condition and are either new or unissued stock. Our used or issued gas masks are of the best quality.

Our gas masks come directly from military sources and we have many specialist and unique gas masks such as a Russian journalist gas mask. In contrast to traditional black gas masks, a journalist mask came in white to make journalists stand out from military personnel. We often get new and less common gas masks that will compliment your collection.

Why Collect or Buy Gas Masks?

Many collect gas masks as military paraphernalia looking to complete a specific uniform or regiment kit. Some clients are re-enactment enthusiasts and looking for gas masks to compliment their military clothing. Others are historians and many are students or schools looking for visual aids to show the changes in military apparatus. Our gas masks are from Russia and are a stark reminder of the cold war.

Unlike other countries we are fortunate to live in relative peace without any significant terror threats and there is no major market demand for gas masks as part of an indispensable survival kit.

However, the UK has a growing number of ‘preppers’ who concentrate on disaster preparedness but this is nothing on the scale of US preppers who, in the post 9/11 environment, take survival as a real and present threat and the sale of gas masks has spiralled.

Whatever you want gas masks for, here at Essex Surplus we have a large range of gas masks and our descriptions are as full as possible to fully inform.

Contact Essex Surplus on 01245 250770 to check our latest selection of gas masks or to see if we can source a specific gas mask.
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